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Here are the activities that your child should complete the first week of homework.
Word Sort: Have your child cut out the words and mix them up. Remind your child to sort the words into categories just like we did in class. There will be a topper (in bold) at the top of each category. Your child should read each word aloud as they sort.

Written Sort: Have your child sort their words into their categories and write them down on paper.

Blind Sort: Lay down the topper word for each category and read the rest of the words aloud to your child. Your child must point to the correct category under which the word would go without seeing it. Lay it down and let your child move it if he or she is wrong. Repeat the process if your child makes more than one error.

Speed Sort: Have your child time themselves as they complete their sort. Record the time and have them sort again and try to beat their time.

Here is a menu of activities that your child can use to practice the words during the second week. Try to choose different activities weekly so that there is more variety when practicing.

Word Study Activities

Sort your words and type them in their categories and email them to your teacher.
Friendly Letter

Write a letter to your teacher using as many words as you can. Underline the words in your letter.
ABC Order

Sort your words and write them in the correct column in alphabetical order.
Rhyming Words

Write one of your word study words and write a word that rhymes with it next to it.

Searching for Spelling

Make a word search puzzle either on graph paper or online and then find all of your words. http://www.discoveryeduc ation.com/free-puzzlemaker/

Word Search Page
Fun Materials
Practice spelling them using any of these “artsy” methods (or others you have at home): etch-a-sketch, sidewalk chalk, window markers, glitter, sand, etc.

==Peek & Write Sort==

Put your words into a pile. Peek at one word at a time and write it in the correct category without looking at the word.

==Word Study Pictures==

Choose 10 of your words and draw a picture for each of them.

Word Study Story

Write a story using at least 10 of your word study words. Underline the words from the sort in your story!

Rainbow Words

Write each of your words three times each in pencil. Then trace your words with different colored pencils or thin line markers.

Spelling City

Visit the site


Then look for the number of the

word study & the book to find the sort

(ie. Letter Name- LN, Within Word - WW or

Syllable Affix- SA)

Across & Down

1. Choose ten spelling words.

2. Write each word across and down, sharing the beginning letter.

Ex. w h e n f o u r
h o
e u
n r

Trace a Shape

Count your word study words. Draw a shape for each word. If you

have 12 words, draw 12 shapes. Then write your word study word

around each shape.

a _apple apple_a
p I I p
p I_ I p
l apple apple l
e e

Adding My Words

1. Choose ten word study words.

2. Add up each letter in the word study word.

* Consonants are worth 10 points.

*Vowels are worth 5 points.

said 10 + 5 + 5 +10 = 30 points

there- 10 + 10 + 5 + 10 + 5 = 40 points

Spelling Scramble

Choose ten word study words.

Scramble up the letters in each sort word.

Trade them with someone else in your word study group.

Have them unscramble your words. You must do this week 1.